Terms and conditions for OSSG

Ossob Shopping Market is a multivendor market palace that intended only for shopping purpose. Vendors and customers.

Registration terms:

To use our site and our service you must sign up for an account whether you are a vendor or customer.
You agree that OSSG will use your provided email as the primary way that we can contact you.
You are responsible for your account whether you are vendor or seller and any activity, information and material that you display it.
Any misuse or breach of our terms and conditions can cause immediate account termination.

Other Conditions:

To use our services, it is must to respect and not violate any law in a jurisdiction like copyright etc.
As a vendor, any information material and products you displayed are your’s and you can remove delete update for any time.
We are obligated and responsible to review all the information material and products that are displayed on our site.
We will not give or share your information with third parties. Except for special services like to process your orders.


Vendors are responsible to pay for any fees that we collect from product purchases percentage.
Vendors must add their accounts to a valid Debit/Credit card to serve their customers. All fees and payments will be in the euro currency.
Vendors must add their store locations and update it if they move to a new address.
You can delete or cancel your account at every time you want informing us via email (info@ossob.com). Then we will delete your account after a request as soon as possible.

Privacy and Policy

What information we collect and Why we do?
We always collect your store name, your name, address, email address, phone numbers, and payment detail. E.g. (your card information).
We only use this information to process you purchased products, contact you and to confirm your Identity.
We also can use your information in other matters that you have given us your permission.
When do we collect this information?
We collect your account personal information when you sign-up our services. When you access our service, or you provide us the information.
what we don’t do with your personal information

We will never share your personal information with other companies and third parties.